we've gotten used to the idea of movie, TV, and other media franchises undergoing total reboots, with the creators breaking continuity with the original series to create new stories using the same core concepts and characters.

Who is this "we" you talk about?

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"resources obtained from asteroids are the property of the company or other entity that extracted them. It would also provide "freedom from harmful interference" for those entities subject to US law engaged in asteroid mining."
I think the most important phrase here is "or other entity". If someone were to be a belter,… » 7/29/14 1:09pm Today 1:09pm

I live in Mexico, which is decidedly on the dog side of the equation. The young men favor the muscular, larger breeds, probably because of the "macho" appearance factor, while women, especially older women, favor the small lap dogs.
This has a little to do with cost factors: Young men with jobs can afford to feed… » 7/29/14 2:58am Today 2:58am