I've never had a problem with using MSG, but some people complain of getting headaches from it, and when I was diagnosed with HBP, I gave it up because of the sodium.
I do love to cook, and also to eat, and I have followed Alton Brown since his "Good Eats" days. He once had a tip about using a small amount ( around 1… » 10/04/14 8:37pm 10/04/14 8:37pm

I sometimes agree with Maher's stance on an issue, as I also agree with Colbert or Stewart, but why it should be more important what a person says just because he/she is a celebrity beats the crap out of me. Is Afflek, or Clooney, or Jane Fonda smarter, and their opinions better, because they are celebrities? » 10/04/14 8:24pm 10/04/14 8:24pm